CSN® Industrial immersion heater type EIG

The CSN® industrial immersion heater (up to 20 kW) is perfect for the direct heating of liquid media when installed vertically in containers.


Our electric CSN® industrial immersion heater is specially designed to directly heat water, oils and other liquid media in industrial environments. It is available in various standard versions and can also be customised, with a variable output of 5 to 20 kW. This flexibility makes it possible to fulfil the most diverse requirements. With a voltage of up to 480 V, highly resistant materials and an integrated temperature controller or limiter, this industrial immersion heater sets new standards.

Product advantages

  • Universal, flexible installation options
  • Direct heating of water, oils and other liquid media
  • Robust, industrial design
  • Design with optimised surface load guarantees a long service life
  • Individually configurable design possible - power / voltage / materials
  • Integrated temperature control / limitation

Technical data




50 to 20,000 W


12 to 480 V

Tubular heating element diameter

8.5 mm

Materials Tubular heating elements

1.4404 (AISI 316L); 1.4541 (AISI 321);

1.4876 (Incoloy 800); 2.4858 (Incoloy 825)

Installation length

300 to 2500 mm

Installation position

Vertical from above

Controller (1-pole)

0-85°C; 30-110°C; 60-200°C; 50-300°C; 20-500°C

Regulator (3-pole)

0-85°C; 30-110°C; 60-200°C; 50-300°C

Limiter (1-pole)

0-150°C; 50-300°C; 20-500°C

Limiter (3-pole)

60°C fixed; 105°C fixed; 235°C fixed

The following certifications are available on request:
Article number Type Power
Installation length
(EL in mm)
Minimum immersion depth
Cable gland
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EIGT / 65 8 6 6000 400 650 80 3 pole 0-85°C None 1 x M20
Weitere Informationen anfragen
EIGT / 6513 9 9000 400 650 130 3 pole 0-85°C None 1 x M20
Weitere Informationen anfragen
EIGT / 6513 12 12000 400 650 130 1 pole 0-85°C None 1 x M25 / 1 x M20
Weitere Informationen anfragen
EIGT / 6518 15 15000 400 650 180 1 pole 0-85°C None 1 x M25 / 1 x M20

Individual variants available on request.

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