CSN® discharge resistors

We ensure safe unloading of your system.


CSN® discharge resistors, also known as discharge resistors, are used in electronic circuits to safely discharge energy storage devices such as capacitors or batteries. Their main function is to discharge the electrical energy stored in the energy storage device quickly and in a controlled manner as soon as the voltage source is disconnected from the circuit or when the circuit is switched off.

Therefore, in addition to a high dielectric strength, a high energy absorption capacity is of particular importance.

CSN® discharge resistors are designed and manufactured individually according to customer specifications and application.


Product advantages

  • Technically mature, proven design for outdoor or indoor operation
  • Optimised design for every current and load duration
  • Safe control of all operating voltages, even under the most difficult ambient conditions
  • High long-term stability
  • High creepage distances possible

Technical data

Amount of energy absorbed (MJ)

Customised (already supplied up to 100 MJ)

Insulation level

Customised (already supplied up to 1675 kVBIL )

Active elements

- Resistance fabric (CSN® Schniewindt mesh)

- Wire meander

- Belt elements

Active material

selectable depending on requirement profile



Protection classes

according to requirements (IP00 - IPX3)

PREN index (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number)

0 to > 50 (seawater resistant)

Voltage type

Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)

Ambient conditions

Reliable operation possible under difficult conditions in the following areas:

- Seismic

- wind

- pollution

- Temperature influences

- Ice and snow loads

Corrosivity categories

C1 - C5 according to DIN EN ISO 12944

Type of connection and connections

- Insulators (porcelain or composite)

- Feedthrough

- Connection pads

- screws

- stranded wire

- etc.

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