CSN® pre-charging resistors (PIR)

We limit unwanted switch-on effects.


CSN® pre-charging resist ors are used to limit transient processes during switch-on processes of transformers and HVDC systems with intermediate voltage circuits (VSC technology).

CSN® pre-charging resistors are designed and manufactured individually according to customer specifications and application.

PIR = Pre-Insertion Resistor

Product advantages

  • Technically mature, proven design for outdoor or indoor operation
  • Optimised design for any current and any load duration
  • reliable control of all operating voltages, even under the most difficult ambient conditions
  • High long-term stability
  • High creepage distances possible

Technical data

Amount of energy absorbed (MJ)

Customised (already supplied up to 100 MJ)

Insulation level

Customised (already supplied up to 1675 kVBIL )

Active elements

- Resistance fabric (CSN® Schniewindt mesh)

- Wire meander

- belt elements

Active material

selectable according to requirement profile



Protection classes

according to requirements (IP00 - IPX3)

PREN index (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number)

0 to > 50 (sea water resistant)

Voltage type

Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)

Ambient conditions

Reliable operation possible under difficult conditions in the following areas:

- Seismic

- wind

- pollution

- Temperature influences

- Ice and snow loads

Corrosivity categories

C1 - C5 according to DIN EN ISO 12944

Type of connection and connections

- Insulators (porcelain or composite)

- Feedthrough

- Connection pads

- screws

- stranded wire

- etc.

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