Schniewindt in mechanical and plant engineering

Our heating elements and appliances are primarily used in the highly innovative mechanical and plant engineering sector for heating, temperature maintenance or vaporisation of liquid or gaseous media. Our devices are installed both in hazardous and potentially explosive areas in zones 1 and 2.

Hydraulic systems

In order to optimise the flow behaviour of different fluids, it is necessary to thermally influence the viscosity of the fluid in such a way that a sufficiently good flow rate is achieved. For this purpose, Schniewindt produces screw-in and cartridge heaters as well as flow heaters with which hydraulic oil can be adjusted to the desired viscosity.

Parts cleaning systems

Today, industrial cleaning and degreasing systems are indispensable for a wide range of applications. The efficiency of such systems is inextricably linked to the thermal energy input. Schniewindt supplies screw-in and flanged heaters as well as explosion-proof heating elements for such systems.

Food technology

Electric heating elements and flow heaters for applications in the food industry are part of Schniewindt's product range.

Defined roughness depths of the parts surrounded by the medium and the use of stainless steels in material grades 1.4404 or 1.4435 ensure a low-dead-space variant for different processes.

Vapour generation

Steam is primarily used in industry as a heat transfer medium. It is used to heat tools, liquids and gases. The solutions that Schniewindt provides for this market are just as diverse as the possible applications. In conjunction with Power to Heat (PtH) and our electrically operated CSN® instantaneous water heaters, the costs of generating steam can be significantly reduced by utilising negative control energy.

Bitumen plants

Electric heating of bitumen in appropriate storage containers has a long tradition at Schniewindt. The ability to manufacture our own tubular heaters up to a length of 7 m and different diameters means that customised process solutions can be implemented individually.

Electrical plant engineering

CSN® resistors can be used in a wide range of applications in electrical plant engineering. We offer resistors specially designed for your area of application for braking electrical drives such as lifts or conveyor belts, for limiting the inrush current when connecting transformers, for neutral point earthing of transformers or generators, as well as for damping and for filter circuits.

Smelting technology

Today, electric arc furnaces are primarily used for the production of quality steel. Special RC circuits are used to minimise mains feedback. We can supply the appropriate CSN® resistors for the RC links in various designs.

High-frequency transmitters

High-frequency transmitters are tested using an artificial load as a replacement for the antenna in order to detect malfunctions in advance. We supply you with the appropriate loads in the form of CSN® artificial antennas in various power ranges.

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