CSN® filter and damping resistors

We filter and attenuate unwanted interference in your system.


CSN® filter resistors (AC/DC filter resistors) and CSN® damping resistors are used in HVDC grids in conjunction with filter capacitors and inductors to attenuate or filter certain frequency components. This is necessary to reduce unwanted interference, such as harmonics or electromagnetic interference, which can be caused by the conversion of alternating current into direct current and vice versa.

The CSN® filter resistors provide a resistance path for these unwanted frequency components, allowing them to be dissipated and absorbed. Proper design and placement of the resistors can improve the performance and stability of the HVDC grid by keeping unwanted interference under control.

Product advantages

  • Excellent high-voltage resistance
  • Low inductance
  • high load capacity due to good convection conditions
  • Proven design for outdoor or indoor operation
  • high long-term stability

Technical data

Resistance value

according to customer requirements

Insulation level

Customised (already supplied up to 1675 kVBIL )

Active elements

- Resistance fabric (CSN® Schniewindt mesh)

- Wire meander

- Belt elements

Active material

selectable depending on requirement profile



Protection classes

according to requirements (IP00 - IPX3)

PREN index (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number)

0 to > 50 (sea water resistant)

Voltage type

Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)

Ambient conditions

Reliable operation possible under difficult conditions in the following areas:

- Seismic

- wind

- pollution

- Temperature influences

- Ice and snow loads

Corrosivity categories

C1 - C5 according to DIN EN ISO 12944

Type of connection and connections

- Insulators (porcelain or composite)

- Feedthrough

- Connection pads

- screws

- stranded wire

- etc.

In power factor correction systems (SVC, MSCDN, STATCOM), CSN® filter resistors are used to support and stabilise the operation of capacitor banks. Capacitor banks are used to generate capacitive reactive power and thereby improve the power factor. However, these capacitors also generate harmonic currents and voltages that can disturb the grid.

By using CSN® filter resistors, these unwanted harmonic oscillations are damped, which improves the stability of the system and reduces the possibility of resonance phenomena. In this way, CSN® filter resistors help to increase the performance and reliability of power factor correction and stabilise the electrical network as a whole.

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