Schniewindt for thermal processes

Schniewindt products have become an integral part of thermal process engineering. Through constant innovation and customised solutions, we strive to continuously improve the efficiency and performance of our customers.

Industrial ovens

We manufacture tubular heating elements up to a total length of 7000 mm for a variety of possible heat treatment processes. Temperature ranges up to approx. 700°C and the use of different stainless steel materials are possible. In order to ensure that these elements are permanently connected in a temperature-resistant manner, we produce high-temperature-resistant connection strands up to approx. 750°C.

Adsorption dryer

In the field of heat-regenerating adsorption dryers, Schniewindt manufactures customised flange heater solutions for specified process data.

Belt dryer

The drying chamber of a belt dryer is equipped with air circulation fans and electric heating registers so that the wet goods are continuously flooded with warm air and dried. Schniewindt also offers electronic control systems for this application, which ensure that a specified degree of drying is reliably maintained.

Thermal oil systems

In the field of heat transfer systems, thermal oil is one of the most frequently used heat transfer media alongside steam. The output range of these systems starts at a few kW and extends into the high MW range. Together with the appropriate control system, Schniewindt thermal oil systems are designed for very high availability with constant temperature output, even in hazardous areas.

Temperature control technology

Temperature control units and systems are used in production, research and application technology. The task of these systems is to provide the required medium temperature for the respective process. Schniewindt offers a universal solution with screw-in heating elements specifically for this area of application.

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