Schniewindt for rail transport technology

We develop and produce electrical heating components for air conditioning systems in train systems as well as preheating systems and braking resistors for drive technology. This makes Schniewindt an important part of rail-bound mobility - from vehicle construction to power supply.

Drive technology

Wherever large diesel engines are used, electrical preheating is an elementary component of the overall system. In train systems, for example, the cooling water circuit is heated to the required temperature before the engine is started. Schniewindt also manufactures various series in the field of resistor technology, which are used specifically in drive technology.

Air conditioning construction

With the implementation of the "Giso sealing process" - which gives Schniewindt tubular heaters an insulation resistance of several giga-ohms - Schniewindt heating registers are an integral part of many air conditioning systems in railway construction.

Traction power supply

Rail transport is becoming increasingly important as a sustainable means of transport due to rising global demand for both passenger and freight transport. We offer our various CSN® resistors both for installation in rail vehicles and for stationary operation in traction power supply systems.

Vehicle construction

In safety-relevant railway construction, Schniewindt is certified as a Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn AG. Individual heating components are approved worldwide by various maritime certification organisations.

Electric heating coils for air conditioning system manufacturers, convector heaters (also for use in potentially explosive environments), tubular and screw-in heaters for separation systems are just as much a part of the product portfolio as heating flanges or brake resistors.

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