Schniewindt in chemical plant engineering

In the chemical industry, there are many different processes in which raw and auxiliary materials are influenced by thermal changes. Schniewindt is a reliable solution partner wherever electrical heating technology with functional control technology and high operational safety are required.

Chemical production

The special requirements in chemical plant engineering often include aggressive media, sometimes very high temperatures and operating pressures of up to 300 bar. Schniewindt has the right products for all these challenges and will advise you from the first day of planning and beyond the commissioning of the installed system.

Pharmaceutical technology

In pharmaceutical production plants, medicines are manufactured under strict production criteria. The systems and equipment required for this must fulfil high requirements in terms of surface quality and freedom from gaps. Schniewindt has adapted to these requirements with special manufacturing processes.

Sewage technology

Explosion-proof space heaters are installed in modern screening systems in today's wastewater treatment plants to keep the screening environment frost-free. It is also necessary to adapt stormwater overflow tanks to winter conditions. Here too, Schniewindt heating convectors ensure smooth process reliability.

Solvent treatment

In solvent treatment, the contaminated solvent is usually separated from the dirt particles by distillation and made available for production again. Explosion-proof heaters are often used for the treatment process. Schniewindt offers the optimum solution for almost every application.

Vapour generation

For steam generation, electric heaters are integrated into closed systems in many applications in order to generate hot water at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. Schniewindt flanged or screw-in heaters are reliable process companions for this purpose.

Technical gases

Technical gases are used in many different ways in the chemical industry. For all processes involving the heating of technical gases, Schniewindt has a customised solution for your application. The design options are as varied as the chemical industry itself.

Heat transfer systems

The transport of thermal energy for downstream processes is realised with different heat carriers. Schniewindt flange heaters, screw-in heaters, ceramic heating inserts or even explosion-proof heating elements temper such heat transfer media to defined operating temperatures. CSN® instantaneous water heaters are also used in district heating transmission (district heating network). District heating networks can be supported economically, particularly in conjunction with negative balancing energy . With the help of Power to Heat (PtH) technology, the fluctuating oversupply of electricity is utilised sensibly. Schniewindt contributes to the stabilisation of the grid and thus to the energy transition.

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