CSN® RC voltage divider

If you need reliable voltage measurement, there is no way around Schniewindt RC voltage dividers.


The CSN® RC voltage divider consists of a proven and highly accurate resistive-capacitive voltage divider. These are used for voltage measurement in the control and protection technology of HVDC systems and at research institutes.

Thanks to our special design of the RC active column, we achieve a linear voltage curve over the entire insulator length of the voltage divider. This results in a homogeneous field distribution that prevents the occurrence of external partial discharges.

The optimum adjustment of the CSN® RC voltage divider enables the exact measurement and mapping of transient voltage signals from the high-voltage side to the low-voltage side.

Depending on the installation (outdoor or indoor application), voltage divider designs specially conceived for the application are used. The insulating medium (air, N2, SF6) can be adapted precisely to the requirements.

Product advantages

  • Primary and secondary part installed in one gas chamber
  • High precision up to 25kHz
  • Low temperature coefficients
  • Short response times
  • High-precision long-term stability
  • Linear voltage distribution due to optimised RC design and homogeneous field distribution

Technical data

Operating voltage

Customised (supplied up to 1100 kVDC)

Operating current

2 mA

Insulation level

Customised (supplied up to ±2750 kVBIL, ±2200 kVSIL )

Frequency response (±3dB)

>50 kHz


RC links

Insulating medium

N2, SF6, air


Composite material

Output voltage



Outdoor / indoor

Routine tests

- According to IEC 61869-15

- According to customer requirements

Type tests

- According to IEC 61869-15

- According to customer requirements

- Fully type-tested devices available for various voltage levels

Special tests

Customised, if physically feasible

Seismic load

Customised (supplied up to IEEE 693 "high performance level")

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