CSN® special resistors

We will find the right resistor for each of your applications.


Our CSN® special resistors can be the following types of resistor, among others:

  • CSN® test resistors

  • CSN® load resistors

  • CSN® protective resistors

  • CSN® plastic antenna

Product advantages

  • Technically mature, proven design for outdoor or indoor operation
  • Optimised design for any current and any load duration
  • Safe control of all operating voltages, even under the most difficult ambient conditions
  • High long-term stability

Technical data

Our special resistors for your specific application are individually designed and dimensioned according to your customer-specific requirements.

Please let us know your requirements.

CSN® test resistors and CSN®load resistors are used to simulate or limit electrical loads. They are used in a variety of applications, including testing generators and emergency generators, capacity testing of accumulators or, for example, as an artificial load in switch testing.

The selection and sizing of load resistors depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the required load current, maximum power consumption and other operating parameters. It is important to ensure that load resistors are properly specified and installed to ensure safe and reliable performance.

CSN® protection resist ors are used where a short duration peak current may jeopardise other components in circuits. Due to their high energy absorption capacity, CSN® protective resistors can absorb several kiloamperes for a limited period of time and thus protect the downstream components.

CSN® artificial antennas are used, for example, as artificial loads in high-frequency transmission systems. Schniewindt has already supplied artificial aerials with a continuous output of up to 1500 kW

The correct adjustment and optimisation of these resistors is important in order to achieve efficient performance and good signal quality from an antenna. A well-tuned antenna is tuned so that its transmitting system is carefully matched to the frequency, application and environment to achieve the best possible performance.

CSN® special resistors are designed and manufactured individually according to customer specifications and application.


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