Schniewindt in the petrochemical industry

Schniewindt provides sufficient heat for the production of petroleum-based chemical raw materials. In both the onshore and offshore industries, we offer heating solutions for the thermal treatment of gaseous or liquid media and solids of all kinds.


Refineries are a global prerequisite for supplying the economy with fuels. Due to the different types of crude oil, effective corrosion protection is the basic requirement for a highly available system. Schniewindt flanged heaters and flow heaters are specially designed and manufactured to meet these requirements.

Drilling platforms

On drilling platforms and drilling ships, it must be possible to brake the main drives of the drill rods effectively. Schniewindt offers tried-and-tested air- and water-cooled braking resistors for this purpose. These are specially designed and manufactured for the extreme environmental and working conditions.

Oil / gas supply systems

Electric radiators are generally used wherever oil or gas is transported. Examples of this include gas control or oil pumping stations. Schniewindt has a wide range of explosion-proof standard radiators in its programme for this area of application.

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