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CSN® process heaters, preheaters and oil preheaters consist of one or more instantaneous heaters equipped with a valve and a pump, as well as an independent control unit.

Task definition
Internal combustion engines, where immediate operational readiness is important, must be preheated before being switched on. The familiar cold start difficulties are eliminated and the engine can be operated immediately at high power. Furthermore, signs of wear on the machine caused by cold starts are significantly reduced. Typical applications for such preheating systems are, for example, emergency power generators (diesel engine + generator) or locomotives and ships (diesel engine for drive). Oil preheaters are used for large gearboxes and drives to keep the lubricants (the oil) at the right temperature. Process heaters, on the other hand, safeguard processes in the production of any goods.

Device function
When the cold combustion engine is at a standstill, the coolant is pumped through the cooling circuit of the combustion engine and through the instantaneous water heater. The coolant is circulated by the pump of the electric preheating unit. The engine is heated evenly by preheating the coolant circuit. Once the cooling system has heated up, the temperature is kept constant at the temperature set on the temperature controller.
The heater is switched off when the engine is running. The built-in non-return flap prevents the cooling water from being pumped over the preheating unit when the engine is running.

Device design / components:

  • Instantaneous water heater module with compact design
  • Heating elements: G2" screw-in heating element with tubular heating elements Ø 11.5
  • Circulation pump
  • Non-return valve
  • Adjustable temperature controller
  • Safety temperature limiter
  • Control cabinet with electrical control and fuse elements
  • Flow control switch (optional)
  • Safety valve (optional)
  • Heat insulation (optional)
  • Feet
  • Device is mounted ready for operation and electrically connected

Advantages during use

  • Significantly reduced wear on the combustion engine
  • No more starting difficulties
  • Immediate operational readiness

Similar advantages are achieved with our CSN® process heat ers, which can be used in a much wider range of applications. The process heat ers can ensure uniform temperatures in your process and thus a constant process, production and manufacturing. Our process heating experts will be happy to discuss with you whether your process, whether gaseous or liquid, can also be heated electrically.



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