... simply indestructible and practically maintenance-free.

Repairs damage the environment and cost money, time and nerves! That's why we have designed our CSN® finned tube radiators to be virtually indestructible.
Our 600 series finned tube radiators are used in the low heat output range between 250 and 500 watts. Thanks to their compact design, they are often used in small rooms.

If higher outputs are required, our CSN® finned tubular heaters type 700 in different versions are the perfect solution. Either permanently installed or mobile and ready to plug in, they always ensure pleasant temperatures in commercial and industrial environments.


The Schniewindt finned tube heater - versatile, high-quality and flexible

The standard version of our 700/..N finned tube heater is available in painted steel and stainless steel and for outputs between 1000 and 6000 watts. Thanks to the rotating connection cover, the cable gland on the 2000 watt version can be individually orientated within a range of 360°. This makes installation of the connecting cable much easier and safer. External thermostats are also available (switching capacity up to 16 A).

In the 700/..R version, a stepless controller is integrated. A 1.5 metre long supply cable including earthed plug makes this device a ready-to-connect all-rounder.
We solve existing safety risks due to high surface temperatures with optimally designed devices from the 700/..F series (for rooms at risk of fire). Here we ensure that the maximum surface temperature of 115°C is not exceeded.

If required, we offer suitable contact protection for all finned tubular heaters.

Safety, quality and your satisfaction are our top priorities! Get in touch with us!


Product advantages of our CSN® finned tubular radiators

  • Robust materials, almost indestructible
  • Continuous heat
  • Simple installation
  • High degree of protection
  • Precise temperature monitoring possible with separate controller
  • Available from stock in many versions
  • Cable gland can be individually aligned (for 2 kW version)
  • Garden sheds
  • Fire stations


Typical areas of application for our CSN® finned tube heaters

  • Crane cabins
  • Work containers
  • workshops
  • garages
  • Garden sheds
  • Fire stations (type F)


Further information about our CSN® finned tube radiators can be found in the individual data sheets or in our catalogue.

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