Ex immersion heaters

Our Ex heating solution for your application

... Explosion-proof, safe, robust.

CSN® explosion-proof immersion heaters are ideally suited as screw-in or flanged heaters for the direct heating of liquids or gas/air mixtures in potentially explosive atmospheres. The devices are available with attached/integrated temperature monitoring systems. Various high-quality stainless steels are available for these heating elements.

The electric immersion heater type 94./..-EEx....T.(.) is used for heating liquids and stationary gas/air mixtures in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

The devices in the list are designed as standard for applications that comply with the PED (Directive 97/23/EC) Article 3 Paragraph 3. For applications that require a different classification in accordance with the PED, we can adapt the devices to the operating data (on request).

The capacities stated in the tables are specified for water heating and correspond to a pipe surface load of approx. 5.8 - 6.2 W/cm2. With good, agitated circulation around the radiators, an increase in output of approx. 30% is possible. If cold water is continuously supplied, it can be increased by up to 60%.



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